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We are a handmade silk embroidery artwork designer, producer and seller based in Suzhou, China and California, USA.

Nourished by rains, gentle breezes and a history written in poetry, we are a family that has been living in the peaceful water country for thousands of years. We love our beautiful landscape and life, so we have dedicated our efforts to regenerate the prettiest things in our life – by pure silk.

Our creations were limited to the royal families in the past, now we would like to share it with the whole wide world. We appreciate the original beauty lies in silk embroidery; we hope you do, too.

We have turned a family tradition into an expanding business. Currently our company headquarter is located in Tustin, California, USA. We were surprised how people were attracted by the beauty of handmade embroidery art when we first introduced it in 2004 in Canada. We are confident that our handmade silk embroideries will be continue to be loved in every country.

( The photo to the left shows artist Meifan Zhao working on a snow wolf. Only one-sixteenth of a single thread is employed to make the hair details truly stand out. )
( The photo to the right shows five artists working on a landscape piece together. A piece of this size will take more than six months to finish. )
( The photo to the left shows artist Xuehua Wang using freehand embroidery to recreate every detail on a piece of blank silk with fine silk threads. The oil painting only serves as a reference. )
( The photo to the right shows artist Chunhong Lu just finished recreating everything from the photograph behind with pure silk - only brighter, shinner and more vivid. )
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