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Frequently asked questions

1: How do I order on line
2: What is the CVV number you ask for on your sign up page? Where can I find it?
3: What is the difference between silk embroidery artwork and paintings
4: How to protect the embroideries
5: Why does the embroidery looks so colorful and dimentional?
6: Do silk colors easily to fade?
7: How to tell the difference between handmade silk embroidery art and its machine counterpart?

Question: How do I order online?

Step 1: Choose your embroidery
Browse our online gallery to find the ones you would like to order. Click on the "Add To Cart" button to select. Once you have completed your list, proceed to check out by clicking the "Check Out" button at the bottom of the "Shopping Cart" page.

Step 2: Complete the online registration
Once you have finished ordering, please fill out your shipping and payment information. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. Once you have submitted your order online, you'll receive an email confirmation about your recent order, keep it for your records.

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Question: What is the CVV number you ask for on your sign up page? Where can I find it?
CVV number also known as card verification number is an anti-fraud security feature to help verify that you are in possession of your credit card. For Visa/MasterCard, it is the last three digit numbers printed on the signature panel on the back of the card. For American Express, the four-digit CVV number is printed on the front of the card above the card account number.

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Question: What is the difference between embroidery artwork and paintings?
The embroidery artworks are handmade with needle and pure silk thread. (Natural silk) It is hand stitched on silk fabrics instead of glues and paintings. Because silk threads shine naturally and they are usually of multiple layers, silk embroidery outshines painting in color and beats painting in depth and dimension.

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Question: How to protect the embroideries?
The glass frame is for dust protection. Do not touch the embroidery by water; do not store or hang silk embroidery under direct sun light.  

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Question: Why does the embroidery looks so colorful and dimentional?
Only carefully dyed pure silk threads are applied in each embroidery work. The fine technique of cross and parallel stitches blend vivid colors naturally and smoothly. Hand stitched in many layers, lights and shadows can play the magic for a 3-D look.

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Question: Do silk colors easily to fade?
Colors do not fade easily because we use very well dyed silk to make the embroideries. The silk is natural silk from silk worms. Many ancient silk arts are seen in the museums which can date back to a thousand years ago.

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Question: How to tell the difference between handmade silk embroidery art and its machine counterpart?
Handmade silk embroidery begins with stretching the silk fabric tightly over a wooden frame. The artists use the fine needle and colorful threads to stitch by hand. Machine embroidery is computer generated and fabricated. The pre made patterns are input into the computer that controls the sewing machine to make the embroidery.

High quality handmade silk embroidery looks alive because the artist created it with loving care. These artists are masters in this field. Most of them are not so famous because in China the name of the embroidery art is not so important as the name of the painting in the West. It does not matter who made it. The art itself stands for its value. The machine version looks stiff and unnatural.

Pure silk threads are used to make handmade silk embroidery. The shiny and glossy silk thread cannot be used for sewing machine because it is easy to break. The silk thread could be divided into 16 pieces. Some high quality handmade embroidery art uses thinnest piece of the silk thread. The thinner the thread makes higher quality and more expensive art. The sewing machine uses thicker thread that commonly is polyester, Rayon, or metallic embroidery thread. The thread feels artificial. This polymer is not easy to break for sewing machine. The machine could not divide the thread, so the thickness of the thread used in machine embroidery is the same.

The back of the handmade embroidery is untidy and loose, so it is always covered up. The stitching at the back of machine embroidery is very tight and neat.

Because handmade embroidery is much more time consuming than machine counterpart, it is more expensive. High quality handmade embroidery is collectible while machine one is not. However, the quality and the value of the handmade silk embroidery should be estimated by experts.

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