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Suzhou Silk Embroidery, also called SuShiu in Chinese, is 100% handmade embroidery made by pure silk. It is one of the most renowned traditional folk arts originated in Suzhou, southeast China. In its over 2500 years of documented history, Su Embroidery served the royal family exclusively. It had become the most sought-after art of all time. (Click here for more information about Su Embroidery.)


Based in California, U.S., we not only create and sell this ancient form of art, but also add a touch of modern thought into the original designs. We believe that with our continuous effort, this ancient art will never extinct and it will evolve with time as well.

In 2004, when we first introduced our handmade silk embroidery to Canadians, we were surprised that so many people were attracted by the beauty of our handmade silk embroidery. We expect that our handmade silk embroidery arts will continue to be loved. We hope that more and more people will have a chance to appreciate the beauty of this ancient fine art. (Click here for more information about us.)

We not only supply pieces of artwork from our own design, we also create patterns and  designs upon your request in any size. (Click here for more information about custom made silk embroidery.)

To have more people enjoy the true beauty of embroidery artworks, we are now looking for wholesalers, distributors, shop owners and individuals interested in starting their own businesses and business cooperation. (Click here for more information about becoming our partner.)


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